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  • Data Storage Center
    Data Storage Center

    FibreMet.COM offers a variety of integrated, holistic physical infrastructure solutions for data center intra-rack and inter r...

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  • Power

    The power fiber to the home of the strong advance, will improve the optical communications in the field of optical modules and other optoelectronic devices demand

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  • FTTX fiber to the user
    FTTX/PON Network

    FTTX/PON network is certainly one of the fastest growing applications worldwide. FibreMet.COM offers a variety of options to achieve "end-to-end" FTTX/PON architectures including all components along the fibers route—from the central office to the end user: FTTX Fiber Cables

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  • Security monitoring equipment
    Security monitoring equipment

    The application of optical modules in the field of security protection has become an indispensable part of the information transmission in the field of security protection from the initial modulation technology to digital, integrated, networked, intelligent and personalized.

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  • FTTX/PON Network
    Mobile base station construction

    Due to the large number of 4G networks and the emergence of 5G networks, the demand for optical modules is increasing.

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  • Communication Network
    Communication Network

    With the increase of bandwidth requirement of modern network, the popularity of optical fiber broadband becomes the trend.

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